Past students

MSc. Graduates


Thesis: How air temperatures affects flight initiation distance in arid-zone birds

Supervisors: Susan Cunningham, Rowan Martin


Thesis: Does the availability of shade limit use of water holes by desert birds?

Supervisors: Susan Cunningham, Peter Ryan and Andrew McKechnie


  • Robyn Milne (MSc.)

Thesis: Physiological tolerances of high temperatures in Fynbos birds: implications for climate change.

Supervisors: Peter Ryan, Susan Cunningham, Alan Lee, Ben Smit

  • Phenias Sadondo (MSc.)

Thesis: The influence of temperature on parental investment in southern fiscals and consequences for nestling growth.

Supervisors: Peter Ryan, Susan Cunningham, Rowan Martin


  • Kate du Plessis (MSc.)

Thesis: Heat tolerance of Southern Pied Babblers in the Kalahari Desert: how will they respond to climate change? 

Supervisors:  Phil Hockey, Amanda Ridley, Rowan Martin, Susan Cunningham

  • Gina Louw (MSc.)

Thesis: How will climate change affect birds in hot African deserts?

Supervisors: Phil Hockey, Rowan Martin, Susie Cunningham


  • Justine Cordingley (MSc.)

Thesis: Hot, hotter, gone? Predicting climate-induced species losses from hot African ecosystems. 

Supervisor: Phil Hockey