Welcome to our new research assistant, Sello Matjee

A warm welcome to Sello Matjee, our new research assistant. Appointed from October 2016, Sello is working with PhD student, Amanda Bourne, in the Kalahari, looking at physiological, behavioural, morphological, and phenological impacts of heat stress on cooperatively-breeding Southern Pied Babblers.

Now part of both the Hot Birds and Pied Babbler Research Project teams, Sello background is in behavioural ecology and parasitology. He completed first an Honours degree and then a Masters researching parental care behaviour in Chestnut-backed sparrow-lark (Eremopterix leucotis). After completing his studies, he worked at the University of Limpopo collecting data on avian ectoparasites. Sello is extremely passionate about birds and has five years of experience in ornithological research in South Africa. He is excited about broadening his horizons through this research project, learning more about Northern Cape birds, and trying some new research methodologies.  His background, using nest cameras and field observations to study parental care behaviour in Chestnut-backed sparrow-larks, has him set to hit the ground running in October.

We are very excited to have Sello joining our team!