Hot Birds at NAOC 2016 and on Facebook! Plus welcome to a new team member

Hot Birds team members from South Africa and the USA got together with colleagues from the US and Australia at the #NAOC2016 in Washington DC in August. We presented a full day symposium on the mechanisms underpinning birds' vulnerability and resilience to climate change, including physiological and behavioural thresholds and inflection points, changes in morphology and how these trends can be mapped in space and time. See our colleague Glenn Tattersall's blog post on the symposium here and some media coverage of the work presented by the Hot Birds behaviour team here.

We also launched a Facebook page @hotbirdsresearchproject in August, so you can follow our research and news there as well.

Samantha Kirves

Samantha Kirves

Finally, Samantha Kirves from Germany joined us as an intern in August. She is currently working with Tanja van de Ven extracting data on provisioning by yellow-billed hornbills from video footage in the lab, but will be heading into the field with Dr Margaux Rat in September to start work with sociable weavers. We are very excited to welcome Samantha!

The 2016/17 summer field season is about to start -- watch this space for news from the dunes.