Updates from the babbler team

SAMANTHA KIRVES has been helping AMANDA BOURNE in the field for the past week, and they have been really busy keeping up with the breeding attempts of the pied babblers at Kuruman River Reserve. Tomorrow, Samantha will be finishing her internship and heading off, and SELLO MATJEE will be arriving to start his 3-month stint as babbler research assistant.

We thank Samantha for all of her efforts which have helped us enormously, and we wish her well with her next adventures! Samantha has been just a pleasure to work with and we will all miss her.

We are very excited to have Sello joining us in the field and looking forward to working with him. We will keep you posted!

Click on the picture below to scroll through images of Samantha and Amanda weighing nestlings and setting a camera to record provisioning and nest brooding effort by babbler parents and helpers.